"An Féa Caol" and "Nancy" - Parlour or Terz guitars. "Suzanna" - Piccolo guitar

"An Féa Caol"




This guitar shares the same body shape as my Terz Harp guitar "Fimbrethil" but without the hollow arm. Tolkien translates "Fimbrethil" as "The Slender Beech" which in Gaelic is "An Féa Caol". With different string gauges "An Féa Caol" can be either be used as a Parlour guitar or tuned three semitones higher as a Terz guitar. It's short scale length is the same as a standard sized guitar Capoed at the first fret and using it as a Terz you can get the sounds of a normal guitar capoed much higher but with lots of fingerboard space. The guitar illustrated has a Western Red Cedar top with figured Pear back, sides, neck, bridge and fingerboard together with Macassar ebony bindings. Here's a recording of me playing my own composition "An Féa Caol" on this guitar as a Terz in FCFBbCF tuning (the same intervals as DADGAD) with the Capo at the fifth fret - equivalent to DADGAD Capoed at the eighth fret.






"Nancy" has the same body as "An Féa Caol" but is a solidhead parlour guitar with 630mm scale length and thirteen frets clear of the body. Here's a recording of me playing a D minor waltz in DADGAD I wrote called "The Resurrection Waltz" played on the guitar illustrated.






"Suzanna" is a Piccolo guitar with 440mm scale length, 12 frets clear of the body and tuned C-C - equivalent to a guitar capoed at the eighth fret. The model shown here has a Port Orford Cedar top from "The Tree" that grew in my front garden together with a Birdseye Maple neck and bindings, Macassar Ebony fretboard and headstock veneers, a Brazilian Rosewood bridge and custom Rubner tuners. Here's a recording of me playing Mark Thomson's arrangement of "Roslin Castle" and my tune "Daithi's Shed" in Bb F Bb Eb F Bb tuning.